My dad and Nya.

I am a life-long lover of history. Originally, I wanted to major in history when I was still wet behind the ears and studying my undergraduate classes. I remember breaking this news to my dad. We were between the two fields we called “number 9,” loading up the dreaded hi-cycle (a self-propelled spraying machine which never worked correctly, and still doesn’t to this day!, so he was likely already in quite the mood…), when I decided now was the ideal time to let him know I was changing my major. Dumb! SO DUMB!!!

Me – circa 1980-something…Irrigating cotton in the upper field on Number 6, the Hegi place. It’s all covered in houses and concrete now.

It was probably only slightly less than a bazillion degrees standing there between those beautiful Arizona cotton fields, sweat pouring from both of us, the humidity from the monsoon season – stifling. This setting lends itself to the shortest of fuses for anyone, but especially my Irish-descended dad. Immediately, the box he was holding while standing on top of the hi-cycle impacted the ground. I don’t remember his exact words, but the message was clear…history is the same, it’s already done. You’ll be bored stiff. AND – you’ll be asking “do you want fries with that” for a living until you get graduate degrees!

I continued in my studies and earned my BAILS degree from Northern Arizona University’s pioneering-at-the-time (dating myself something fierce here!) statewide program. It was fabulous! I’ve been blessed with many exciting jobs since, but a love of history has remained.

Everyone loves history, they just don’t know it. I’ve been supremely privileged to live 99.9% of my life in very rural communities. Ever drive by that small-town coffee shop before the sun has even awakened and see that parking lot full of pickups? Or the livestock sale barn with people who aren’t even buying and selling cattle that day? They’re all there for one reason: history. Sure, mostly recent history such as who’s farming that place? Who’s selling their hay for more than their neighbors? And, sometimes even more sordid questions than these. But, you get the idea. We like information. Being in the know. This is how the National Enquirer became a thing in the first place…gossip – we’ve gotta have it! And, most of it is about a person’s or place’s history! Even if it’s just yesterday’s history.

I followed my love of history to a M.A. in History from Liberty University. I’m pressing forward in their PhD program as I type. This website will be a place where interesting tidbits of history are shared.

5 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Xela,
    What a fun read. Please keep it up. You have a talent for writing.
    I love learning about history as well
    Miss seeing you
    💜. Kaylyn


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