A book you need!

A must read!!

I LOVE books! I absolutely love them! I read them. I collect them. I buy them (cue my husband’s jaw clenching a bit when Amazon boxes show up at our house during the drought years!). I treasure books! I write down quotes from them in my journals. I keep a book with me at all times. I have one in my purse. One in my pickup. Stacks of books by my bed, on my desk, by the guest-bed, piled high in my office, bookshelves filled with them, etc. I even dabble in writing them. It thrills me to no end when I see my husband and children reading them! I am book-crazy!!

A field we were blessed to custom-disk to bring in income during the drought.

My love of books comes from my Grandmother. She had beautiful books including leather-bound copies of Louis L’Amour in her over-flowing bookcases. She read voraciously! This helps prove my theory about book-lovers everywhere…they are wonderfully interesting, lively and some of the best conversation partners you’ll ever have!

Dryland corn.

My Dad is also a huge reader when weather drives him away from his farming to the air conditioned land of the indoors. He has fabulous taste in books! We often share books – using the term “share” loosely because if we really like a book, we keep it and the other one of us who has “shared” has actually (and most unintentionally!) gifted – leaving the “giver” to buying another copy. He and I have a long-standing dispute over the ownership of David McCullough’s book The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914. Spoiler alert: I wound up buying a second copy…

The Sleeping Ute Mountain

My Mom also enjoys reading, but she’s more into self-improvement books. We do enjoy reading a Richard Paul Evans book most years during the Christmas season which is always so fun to discuss! Clearly though, my book interest comes from my dad’s side of the family…we apparently either see no need for self-improvement or do not care! Probably a healthy mixture of the two! Let’s just say the self-improvement books are few and far between… if they exist at all in our personal libraries! No ownership disputes on those…ever! Message: We. Need. Help!

Order this TODAY!!

This book – The Law by Frederic Bastiat – is a MUST have! It is widely available on Amazon for less than $10. Mr. Bastiat was a Frenchman who was enamored with America’s governmental experiment. He wrote this book in 1850, shortly before his death. It is 55 pages! See – you can totally read this! AND make sure you do! It is full of pertinent information on liberty! Mr. Bastiat was not a fan of socialism nor legislators. His take on both is fabulous and so captivatingly educational!!

Liberty lovers everywhere need to buy and read this book! He writes on page 53 “Which are the happiest, the most moral, and the most peaceable nations? Those where the law interferes the least with private activity; where the Government is the least felt; where individuality has the most scope, and public opinion the most influence; where the machinery of the administration is the least important and the least complicated; where taxation is lightest and least unequal…”

Read this book! Share it with your friends and family…well – coming from my Dad’s school of book sharing…give them their own copies! BUT – do it! You won’t regret it!

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