Big Hell & Little Hell

About seven years ago my husband was invited by his brother and nephew to go on an adventure.

Adventure – to Alpha Males, as they are calling REAL MEN these days – looks like this captivatingly gorgeous slice of nature above wherein somewhere lies a “trail” – using that word VERY loosely – dubbed Big Hell and part of it Little Hell – with places so tight they couldn’t have turned around once they started even if they had wanted to!!!

Their mission: pack in some hunters. The catch they didn’t know until deep into their adventure: the spot to which they packed is typically only accessed by HELICOPTER!!! No sweat for these rugged Alpha Males!! But – YIKES for my nerves!! My husband is fearless – truly fearless!!

This horse above took a tumble somewhere along the way. Unfazed, my husband, his brother and nephew fished the completely unharmed horse out of this canyon. At this point – they evaluated their options and with impending nightfall they made the hard – albeit right – decision to turn back. My husband is T.O.U.G.H.!!! I love him something fierce!

Big Hell & Little Hell sounds a lot like what the American Colonies were hit with when the Stamp Act and other attempts at control and carnage came into their view, pocket books and lives.

This book is an excellent read!! David Barton’s company, WallBuilder’s, reprinted this 1848 original. It gives about two to three pages of insight into each of the signer’s lives. Did you know that for almost the entire first month of its life the Declaration of Independence bore ONE single signature…John Hancock! The rest of the signers signed on August 2, 1776 and some even after that! This book is a quick and insightful read. It is a MUST read for freedom lovers and truth seekers everywhere!

Every single one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be dubbed Alpha Males today! They were so very committed and courageous! And, they put their courage and commitment into ACTION!!! That’s the key – ACTION!!! Intelligent, committed, thoughtful, ACTION backed by the time and effort devoted to LEARNING TRUTH so that the ACTION taken is INFORMED BY TRUTH AND CORRECT!!! Every single one of the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence offers an example pertinent to us today.

There’s an IMPORTANT lesson here for us. We – ALL of us! – are taking action every moment of every day. Even our inaction – is still action! Let’s get ourselves motivated to seek truth! Expend EFFORT!!! And make sure our actions count for the actual bettering of our lives, our families, our communities, our country and our world!!!

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