Do you choose a word that will be your theme for the year? Do you set resolutions? The most successful people I know don’t set resolutions. They are constantly improving, striving and working on goals every single day of their lives.

I don’t see myself as wildly successful, but I constantly work on goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. One daily goal I set is “brace before every move at the gym – every single move – to avoid unexpected and embarrassing urinary responses to squatting, lifting, sit ups, etc.”

Yet for 2022 I have two big goals that I have written down as resolutions.

I am used to winters looking like this picture above where “snow” is found in the beauty of open cotton bolls awaiting their harvest.

However, here in paradise, winter needs to look like this! And, while shoveling this for several hours I pondered my word for 2022. Originally, it was two words, two words laced heavily with some expletives: covered porches!

Yes, we have roping dummies on our decks…doesn’t everyone??

But, then my husband arrived to help with the last of the shoveling and it replaced my exhaustion filled discouragement with hope.

Hope. My word for 2022. Discouragement is a heavy weight that often seeps into my heart. But hope is a gift from God, a reassurance that if we are with Him, it will all be ok and truly will work for our good (Romans 8:28).

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