Peppy Speaks

I love the saying “a lion will never have to tell you he’s a lion.” Let the power and truth of that sink in for a moment…

When our son was very young, he enjoyed riding Roxy. Roxy was well into her twenties when our son came along. She was seasoned. We would put him on her and she would take care of him wherever they went. Sadly, Roxy’s life was over long before we were ready. Our son was heartbroken and lost all interest in horse activities.

When our son was ten, he announced one day he was ready to ride. We started asking around about a kids horse and someone who could teach our son reined cow horse. After coming up empty, we started praying (yes, praying is where we should have started to begin with…)

Enter Peppy. Peppy changed our son’s life – and our lives – in ways we could never have imagined. He has been a blessing from the start!

While watching Peppy this last weekend I realized he, like a lion, speaks volumes without ever saying a word…

Peppy says: “I am safe and you are safe when you are with me.”

Peppy says: “I love you.”

Peppy says: “I will always do my best for you!” And they were the champs at this Southern Arizona show a few years ago.

Peppy says: “I am patient. I love teaching my kids to rope and cow horse.”

Peppy says: “I am steady and sure. I will even pack this piece of wood if you want me to.”

Peppy says: “I am honest and I live for the joy that’s spread on your face when you ride me.”

May we all be a little more like Peppy and have our character known not by what we say, but by what we do and let us all do it consistently!

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