The Doers

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22 KJV. Peppy threw a shoe last week and as it was coming off, it broke part of his hoof. Yet, just a few days later, he gave his all in a cowhorse show even though during the show,Continue reading “The Doers”

Gold & the Great Depression

This is another post for school…hopefully I can return to my regular posting soon! William Devane captivates audiences while proving his magnetism drawing rapt attention from viewers as he showcases various hobbies such as horseback riding in the Rosland Capital while encouraging the masses to purchase gold.  According to the National Mining Association, gold wasContinue reading “Gold & the Great Depression”


Another assignment for school…we have to post them on publicly accessible blogs… Everywhere we look today, there is photographic activity.  We all walk around holding our phones, snapping pictures of everything and nearly everyone we see.  Even though some of the most beautiful memories we make in life are held as pictures in our heartsContinue reading “Unidentified”

To The Death

This is another assignment for school…I cannot figure out how to straighten out the footnote debacle at the end….these – and likely many other – errors aside, it is an interesting read! My husband found this in one of our canyons while checking cows.  From a distance he observed what he thought was a lionContinue reading “To The Death”

Peppy Speaks

I love the saying “a lion will never have to tell you he’s a lion.” Let the power and truth of that sink in for a moment… When our son was very young, he enjoyed riding Roxy. Roxy was well into her twenties when our son came along. She was seasoned. We would put himContinue reading “Peppy Speaks”

John McCleve

This is an assignment for a class I am taking. We are to write about Genealogical History, which is interesting after learning this week about the blurred line between legit historians and lay genealogists. Without further ado, here’s my post: I have chosen to write about my paternal great grandfather, John McCleve. He died longContinue reading “John McCleve”


Diligent is defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties. At the junior rodeo this weekend, I noticed that our son – our very social, people-loving, chatty, easily distracted teenage son – when he entered the arena to prepare for his turn he wasContinue reading “Diligence”


Do you choose a word that will be your theme for the year? Do you set resolutions? The most successful people I know don’t set resolutions. They are constantly improving, striving and working on goals every single day of their lives. I don’t see myself as wildly successful, but I constantly work on goals daily,Continue reading “2022!”


There are many things I could say about our dear friend and neighbor: I could tell you about his sure-fire ALL in ONE day horse training program. I could tell you about the necessity of having your chair within ear-shot of his around the campfire because he will share some of the stories of hisContinue reading “Eddie”


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