Yellowstone, Belt Buckles and Ownership

Has everyone had their turn with winter’s vicious stomach bug? It seems to be a gift that will make its way through the entire family one person at a time, generously and thoughtfully missing no one! It is spreading through our house faster than we can say Christmas! We had a blissfully long fall! WeContinue reading “Yellowstone, Belt Buckles and Ownership”

Wycliffe, Lincoln and Hate

Have you ever hated anyone? Throughout my formative years my mother didn’t like us to use the word “hate” so we settled for “strong dislike.” Instead of saying “I hate you” we were supposed to use “I have a strong dislike for you.” Doesn’t pack the same punch, does it? I can tell you theseContinue reading “Wycliffe, Lincoln and Hate”

To be, rather than to seem…

The saying “to be rather than to seem” powerfully struck my brain and if I’m being truthful, my conscience, when I first heard it while driving tractor and listening to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey explained that the powerful idea – actually being rather than just seeming – has Latin rootsContinue reading “To be, rather than to seem…”

Big Hell & Little Hell

About seven years ago my husband was invited by his brother and nephew to go on an adventure. Adventure – to Alpha Males, as they are calling REAL MEN these days – looks like this captivatingly gorgeous slice of nature above wherein somewhere lies a “trail” – using that word VERY loosely – dubbed BigContinue reading “Big Hell & Little Hell”